Using Jalbum

In Past years I have been an advocate and user of Drupal, a open source, extendible, and full featured content management system.
For this site, I wanted something simple, but with enough features to be interesting. I also did not want to have to face a morass of difficulties everytime a new version comes out. Drupal, even with tools to ease the way, can be very difficult to keep up to date. Any specialized modules have to be re-coded, for instance.
Jalbum uses a simple, fairly intuitive concept. You make folders for holding your photos, add comments and titles, choose a "skin" and Jalbum creates a web site for you.
For a simple site, that's it.
But of course, once you do a simple site, you think of things you'd like to add or change - and things get more complex.
Following is a list of questions that I had while designing the site. And the answers that I found.