Ducks Quark, spark & Quark Burning Man Tent Cabints with pullout : In Focus, High Quality Rainwear scrap tarp : Blurred, Medium Quality, Burning Man
Making the elders sign : In Focus, Low Contrast, Medium Quality deck overhead construction Dome : Blurred, Medium Quality, garden Dual Chair
Duck House Chemisteryt erector set display : Blurred, Medium Quality Finger Puppet Stage : Blurred, Medium Quality Four wheel bike : Blurred, Medium Quality
Entry door with fused glass : In Focus, Low Contrast, Medium Quality Garden Dancers Garden stove retreat : In Focus, High Quality Gom : In Focus, High Quality
Green House : Blurred, Medium Quality, garden Higly insulated water tank : In Focus, High Quality, Building -water damage House View : In Focus, High Quality Knee Scooter  : In Focus, One Face, Long Shot, High Quality
Miss Snuffy the Pig  : In Focus, High Quality Name Train : Blurred, Medium Quality Nine sides table : Blurred, Medium Quality Once there was a lake-collaboration : In Focus, High Quality
Porpoise exhibit for da Vinci days : In Focus, High Quality Raised Beds : In Focus, High Quality router lift construction Saber saw holder and arm construction
sewing table Snwo December 2014 : In Focus, High Quality, High Contrast, Medium Quality Stove alcove : Blurred, Medium Quality Description -caption.This is a long e3ntry in the IPTC description area. A cr automatically takes you out , This is strong  is html. If it flows. : In Focus, High Quality, jalbum test.
Tiny Camper : In Focus, High Quality Tiny Christmas Tree : In Focus, High Quality Tug Boat : Blurred, Low Contrast, Medium Quality Turtle Puzzle : Blurred, Too Bright, Low Contrast, Low Quality
Window dish rack : Blurred, Medium Quality Wood Drum : Blurred, Too Bright, Medium Quality clay slab roller Tiny Christmas tree(blue) : In Focus, High Quality