Tangled time.This is a pendulum clock with a deep space motif, enhanced with glass. The sum with the circular rainbow, which I added to the deep space montage, happened while I was creating the piece.  about 2 ft high.  $500 Driftwood abstract. I found the driftwood piece, then smoothed and shaped it and made a mold for the center crack, and built the glass piece in the mold. I like the feel of the piece. But, its the only piece I've ever dropped so now the driftwood is awaiting another piece of glass. About 20in wide : In Focus, High Quality Perhaps - This is a large piece combining glass spirals, a spiritually scientific poem,  on galaxy backgrounds, all set off with the layered spiral figures. Perhaps  approx 4ftX6ft.  vs 1 - not for sale; vs 2 - Sold ;  vs 3 -$1400 : In Focus, High Quality, perhaps, Low Contrast, Medium Quality Folded glass. I like creating 3d glass structures, positioned to create interesting folds as the glass softens. With a sculpted redwood enhances the glass. About 10 in high. Sold : Blurred, Medium Quality
This is a colllaberation with my wife. It's a representation of a dancer and musician who we saw during a trip to Mexico. About 30 in wide. ($600) : Blurred, Medium Quality Tumalo falls. The chunky redwood represents the rocky sides of this water fall. About 20 in high. $700. : In Focus, High Quality, Jim's art, Water fall Fan of glass. Window glass from a demolished building, lightly fused in a double mold.  About 14 in high. ($300) : Blurred, Medium Quality Sea wands on copper. A flowing sequence of wants, with colored frit, backed onto copper.  about 2 ft high ($300) : In Focus, High Quality, Jim's art, art
Glass embedded in wood - my first! About 12 inches high. NFS. : Blurred, Medium Quality Art  glass : In Focus, High Quality Hooke's Way. Hook was a talented, probably hunched back scientist. Always working, always striving. Somehow this piece reminded me of him. It is fused glass with a wood and acrylic background, all mounted on a swivel base so that it can be observed from multiple directions.  About 14 in tall. ($700) : Blurred, Medium Quality, Jim's art, Hooke's Way Going Home. The fish is roughly based on a Native American drawing, and positioned to be jumping up the abstracted redwood falls. About 3ft tall. ($900) : In Focus, High Contrast, Medium Quality, art show -uufc 2011, High Quality
Flame of life  Redwood stylized yin-yangwith a fused glass abstracted candle. About 16 in round. $500 In the flow  $150 Redwood and fused glass Clown  This clown never fails to make me smile!  About 14 in wide.  $400) : Blurred, Medium Quality, Jim's art Faceted Faux Catenaries    I made this piece in response to a "Math and Art" exhibit. All the shapes are chords of catenary curves. About 30 inch wide. ($800)
Glass folds   The glass is made to interesting 3-D structures and allowed. About 10 in square $125 : In Focus, High Quality, Jim's art, In process Octopus   The wiggly arms of the octopus surrounded by houseplants. It's put together with many, many glass strips.  Abou 16 in wide. NFS : In Focus, One Face, Long Shot, High Quality, Jim's art Spires   An abstract of redwood, copper and glass. About  12 in wide. Sold : Blurred, Medium Quality, Jim's art Blue Strations  $75 Build up that folds in the kiln. : In Focus, High Quality, Jim's art
South falls redwood glass sculpture with shadows and sunliaght. I tagged along with an artists group to Silver Falls State Park. While they were painting I hiked and did some sketches, and thought the south falls, with the caves, and lines of stratigraphy might make a interesting wood and glass project. Its about 2 feet wide, the wood is redwood, and the glass is fused float glass with a touch of pigment. To me, despite the interlocking curves and feeling of motion from the glass, it has a calming feel to it.  (about 2 feet wide - $1200)