"Me? - an artist?

I seem to have a good eye for proportion, positive and negative space, and
pleasant curves. That's what my engineering drafting instructor said many years
ago in Drafting 101. It may have been a sort of back-handed compliment.Like, what he really meant
is, "What's with you, you're supposed to be doing engineering."

 Over the years, I have used that talent to design and construct things out of
wood, glass, and sometimes even concrete. Things like houses, wooden toys,
community structures for festivals, and even for laying out a catalog that my
wife and I published for our specialty toy business.

But artist? I don't even know what "art" is. All I know is that I like
some things called art, and not others. And then, I was reading
recently that art is, in an elitist sense, is defined as what sells at a gallery.
Really? For sure, then the title of artist eludes me.

I started working with glass to embellish some doors for our "owner built" house and
became intrigued with both the science and the art of glass. It is an
amazing material. Not a solid, not a liquid, one of the strongest materials yet
brittle too. It can be blown, fused, or cast. The transparency, reflective, and
engineering properties make it a medium full of potential - for art, craft, or engineering.

After finishing the doors, I started making glass designs with built up
pieces of glass, often with copper and mica embedded, and designed to fold
and merge, in planned, yet mostly un-controlled ways in the 1500 degree kiln.
I'm not very patient, and waiting the thirty hours while the piece is in the kiln,
doing its own thing, is not an easy thing for me.

Using a stash of recycled redwood that I've had stored for years, I cut, glue
and then contour  the redwood into shapes to complement the glass, with the
goal of having the glass and wood contributing somewhat equally to the overall design.
 In  contrast to most of my projects, these glass and wood pieces have no function
whatsoever - except they are pleasing to at least my eye

Maybe yours too?